Big Sur River Stones, watercolor on panel, 20x20"  © Gayle Mahoney

Big Sur River Stones, watercolor on panel, 20x20"  © Gayle Mahoney

Welcome to Gayle Mahoney Art

I am a watercolor artist living and working in Montclair, New Jersey.

I love to observe my surroundings and capture the subtleties of the changing light, the seasons and the transformations of nature that I witness. This is partly why I am drawn to painting landscapes, waterscapes and flowers. They are constantly changing, yet the inherent qualities of one moment can be captured in a painting. I believe watercolor is the perfect vehicle to share my message: Life is short. We don’t have much time to really see, let alone enjoy, all the beauty that surrounds us. I aim to capture just a moment of that beauty in every painting, to draw viewers in, transporting them to a place of peace and wonder.

I create larger works mostly in the studio, using plein air sketches and my own photographs as source material. I paint in a precise, controlled manner, using fine detail, saturated hues and a broad range of contrast to create depth and weight. I work with a limited color palette, using eight or fewer pigments to create the full range of colors found in my work.

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Birch Abstraction
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Current Exhibition: Studio Montclair's 20/20 exhibition at Academy Square Gallery

If you are in Montclair, New Jersey, in the next month, please stop by Academy Square to see the Studio Montclair “20/20” at 33 Plymouth St. My painting Big Sur River Stones (above) is on view through November. 20x20 inches, watercolor on aluminum panel.

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