Tree Peony - Van Vleck Gardens , watercolor, 40 x 25.75" © Gayle Mahoney

Tree Peony - Van Vleck Gardens, watercolor, 40 x 25.75" © Gayle Mahoney

Welcome to Gayle Mahoney Art

I am a watercolor artist living and working in Montclair, New Jersey.

I love to observe my surroundings and capture the subtleties of the changing light, the seasons and the transformations of nature that I witness. This is partly why I am drawn to painting landscapes, waterscapes and flowers. They are constantly changing, yet the inherent qualities of one moment can be captured in a painting. I believe watercolor is the perfect vehicle to share my message: Life is short. We don’t have much time to really see, let alone enjoy, all the beauty that surrounds us. I aim to capture just a moment of that beauty in every painting, to draw viewers in, transporting them to a place of peace and wonder.

I create larger works mostly in the studio, using plein air sketches and my own photographs as source material. I paint in a precise, controlled manner, using fine detail, saturated hues and a broad range of contrast to create depth and weight. I work with a limited color palette, using eight or fewer pigments to create the full range of colors found in my work.

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Featured Prints:

Tree Peony - Van Vleck Gardens, Archival Limited Edition Print
from 45.00

One of my springtime rituals is visiting the beautiful Van Vleck Gardens in Montclair, New Jersey. Artists come from miles around to photograph or paint their legendary wisteria flowers that bloom each May. Not to be upstaged, a tree peony grows nearby, adorned with enormous blooms that fill the air with the sweetest fragrance.

This painting celebrates the joyful exuberance of spring and captures the warmth and beauty of the a springtime garden.

Print comes unframed, room photos are provided to give you an idea of each size.

Greenhouse Lily
from 150.00

One of my favorite places in New Jersey is the Kodama Koi Garden, a nursery that sells water plants and fancy Koi imported from Japan. The diffused light in greenhouses brings out the intensity of colors, light and shadow.

This limited edition print is available in two sizes, 16x16" and 30x30" and will add dramatic impact to any room.

Peony in Cream Archival Limited Edition Print, 11x14"

Peony in Cream is a study in the subtle light and shadows found in the delicate petals of a peony. The shapes I see in these flowers shift and dance in the changing light of spring. I like the way some peonies have touches of pink on some of the petals.

This signed, limited edition giclée print (edition on 100) is made using the highest quality archival materials possible. Printed in the USA on acid-free cotton rag watercolor paper. ©Gayle Mahoney


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Business Bootcamp for Artists


New class starting in September - Business Bootcamp for Artists in partnership with Studio Montclair
Love making the work but hate the business side of being an artist? Beefing up your business skills will help take some of the  pain out of the process! Ideal for artists at every career stage, the course will help you find strategies to move your art business to the next level. If you have questions, email me at
Starting September 2018
Studio Montclair Members: $195 / Nonmembers: $225
Studio Montclair Gallery, 127 Bloomfield Ave., Montclair, NJ

Build An Artist's Website Using Squarespace


October - dates to be confirmed
Two Saturdays
(with homework in between), 10 am - 4 pm
$300 Studio Montclair members, $325 nonmembers
Studio Montclair Gallery, 127 Bloomfield Ave., Montclair, NJ
This intensive, hands-on course will guide you in creating your own professional artist website with a beautiful design, clean and compelling content, with shopping cart option. Squarespace is a powerful, easy-to-use web platform designed with artists and creative entrepreneurs in mind. This is a great workshop for those starting from scratch on their sites, or looking for extra training on a Squarespace site they already have.
Your website will include: Home page, Portfolio(s), Artist Statement, Artist Bio, Artist Resume/CV, Blog, Contact page. Optional: Links or other content pages, and a shopping cart if you want to sell through your website. Plus learn best practices to help your website be found through search engines.
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