Seascape watercolor step by step

I have always enjoyed seeing step-by-step images of how things are created, I think most people do. I thought it would be fun to share my process on a watercolor I have been working on, a seascape of a rocky cove in Maine. I actually learned a couple things about my painting process as I went along. So here are the pictures.... please forgive the poor lighting/image quality - I shot on the fly with my ancient iPhone!


After making a loose sketch, I added areas of masking fluid where I knew I wanted sea spray and a driftwood branch. I started painting in the areas around the masking fluid first, so I could get it off the paper as soon as possible.


I started adding some water, leaving areas of foam and bubbles white. I started defining areas of rock and did some under painting to bring the same tones throughout the rock areas.


Filling in the pebbles and the water....


Just about done... I put in some shadows and added more detail to the rocks and water. At this point I will put the painting away for a week or so, and take a look at it with fresh eyes to see what fine tuning it still needs.

It was really fun to paint, and I learned a lot in the process. It took about 20 hours (probably half that time was painting the beach pebbles).